Natural Muscle Gain: 4 Fatal Myths

Be careful whom you take advice from when you make a firm commitment to natural muscle gain. There are new fitness websites popping up on almost a daily basis, thanks to the fact that the fitness and bodybuilding is a multi-billion industry.

Since everyone is trying to make a buck off you by pushing pills, powders, and “miracle programs,” it’s not surprising that much of the credibility of natural muscle gain is lost.

Be careful, because it’s easy to fall into pitfalls that could cancel out all of your hard work.

Here are 4 common muscle building myths that will steer you the wrong way on your path towards natural muscle gain.

Myth #1: To gain strength and bulk, you need to get a "pump" during your workout session. A bigger pump means more muscles.
If you’re new, a “pump” is what happens when blood gets trapped in your muscle tissue during your workout. You will feel bigger, tighter, stronger, and more powerful because your muscles will swell up.

Your muscles don’t actually get any bigger, even though a pump feels awesome.

The sensation can trick you into thinking you’ve had a huge workout, but the truth is that a pump is just increased blood going to the muscle tissue. The only way that you can judge whether or not a workout was successful is through progression. Increasing the number of reps or the poundages from week to week is the only way to progress towards natural muscle gain.

Myth #2: You will become slower and less flexible if you build up your muscles.
When you grow a significant portion of lean muscle mass, you will become faster instead of slowing down.

Your muscles are responsible for all your movements such as jumping, running, and throwing. If you have more muscle, you can easily apply more force; that’s the whole truth.

If you have muscular legs, you’re going to be able to move faster, and the same theory applies to increased shoulder strength—if you have it, you can throw a ball farther.

Myth #3: Every exercise should be by the book and perfect.
Although good form is important, if you obsess about perfect form, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t try to perform every exercise using flawless, textbook form because this can cause you to increase your injury odds while simultaneously decreasing your full amount of muscle stimulation.

It’s critical to be sure that you move in a natural manner when you are exercising. It could be something as little as adding a slight sway to your back when doing bicep curls or using just a little bit of momentum when performing barbell rows.

Myth #4: “Feeling the burn” is a strong indicator that your muscles are getting bigger. ”
This is not true in the least. The “burning” feeling that you get after an intense battle with the weights is caused due to the release of lactic acid, a metabolic waste product, into your muscle tissue.

Increased levels of lactic acid do nothing for muscle growth, and may actually slow down your gains. Most people do reps in a range of 12 and above, but if you stick to a lower 5 to 7 rep-range, you can limit your lactic acid production.

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