The Secret To Extreme Muscle Growth

Look, the tiny margin of time that spells the difference between extreme muscle growth success and failure is a lot less than what you might think. 

It’s a fact that only a fraction-of-a-second can change everything during a 100 meter race and a fraction-of-a-second moment also determines your body’s extreme muscle growth response when you workout.

Did you know that your entire margin of success in the gym can ultimately be reduced to 60 seconds?

How you choose to handle those 60 seconds will determine whether you experience poor, mediocre, or extreme muscle growth.

Even though you’re looking at a workout that will last for about an hour, only one minute of that time will ultimately decide your overall gains.

You’re probably a little confused now, so allow me to explain….

Every set you perform is ultimately being completed for the purpose of those crucial last 1–2 reps and the gains they can offer.

Since muscles respond to stress, the stressful reps that trigger your body’s extreme muscle growth mechanisms are the ones that take place when the body is on the brink of muscular failure.

So if a given set has 6 reps, then reps 1–4 are done to get to reps 5 and 6.

It’s pretty clear that your first few reps won’t do much in terms of stimulating extreme muscle growth, but are needed to overload the muscles on reps 5 and 6.

Basically, it is only the last couple of reps that result in extreme muscle growth.

As long as you perform the last couple of reps with full intensity during this small time frame at the end of each set, you are looking at massive muscle gains.

If you are familiar with my work, you know I always suggest training to muscular failure.

Ultimately, there is no better way to get your body’s adaptive responses going and to achieve extreme muscle growth than to get your muscles to the point where they cannot move the weight another inch.

Your body’s response and your gains depend on how close you get to muscular failure.

This critical point in time is measured in mere seconds.

If you find that your tendency is to drop the weights 5–6 seconds earlier than the builder right next to you (and the margin is probably even smaller than this), you are significantly sacrificing your gains and getting nowhere near extreme muscle growth.

So, why are 60-seconds all that matter?

If you are performing 10 total sets per workout and the margin is 6 seconds between success/failure, you are looking at a total of 60 seconds per workout where you are either achieving extreme muscle growth because you battle it out or settling for mediocre gains.

Your extreme muscle growth success depends entirely on the short, precise moments at the very end of each set and how much effort you’re willing to put in at that time.

Force yourself to train to all-out muscular failure and you will achieve extreme muscle growth.

Make sure you hold out in those last 3 seconds before muscular failure or your muscle growth will be compromised.

If you are dropping the weight 8 seconds before muscular failure, your gains are further reduced.

Take that 60-second figure, multiply it by my recommended 3 workouts per week, and your bodybuilding success in the gym will actually be measured by that one short 3-minute period each week.

It’s fascinating, when you break down the results in a clinical fashion!

Train hard and with full effort, and you will achieve extreme muscle growth.

You’ll have to push through burning muscles, discomfort, and aches to achieve true muscular failure.

If you stop too soon, even by a second, your gains will be compromised.

Promote extreme muscle growth by following this practice at the gym and you’ll experience better results than ever before.

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