Grow More Muscle: Natural Testosterone Boosting Tips

Testosterone plays a critical role in your ability to grow more muscle, and it is often considered the “holy grail” of muscle growth.

Testosterone is a critically important muscle-building hormone, and it ultimately determines how much muscle your body can build.

Check out some of the amazing benefits increased testosterone levels can offer you and your body….
- A boost to your muscle size and strength.
- Lower levels of body fat.
- More sexual endurance and drive.
- Elevated mood.
- A lowering of “bad” cholesterol.

Good stuff, isn’t it? For sure, so in this article, I am going to touch on 10 simple steps to raise your testosterone levels; this will help you grow more muscle and enjoy all of these incredible benefits. They won’t give you unnatural “steroid-like” muscle gains, but certainly will enable you to grow more muscle...

1) Make compound exercises your cornerstone for workouts. 
These are the basic “meat and potatoes exercises” like deadlifts, squats, dips, chin-ups, bench presses, lunges, military presses, and rows, to name just a few. Your body will be forced to increase its production of testosterone because these exercises will put your muscles under major stress at the gym.

2) Train with maximum intensity and effort. 
You’re only going to achieve measurable muscle gains if you’re truly willing to train hard. Like I said, the more you stress your muscles at the gym, the greater your output of testosterone.

3) Your legs should be pushed as hard as your chest, arms, and back. 
Many of you already know that intense leg training will help you to grow more muscle in your upper body. This is caused in part due to elevated testosterone levels, which are a direct effect of intense leg training.

4) Increase the consumption of EFA’s. 
Essential Fatty Acids from foods like peanuts, fish, avocados, and healthy oils like olive, flax seed, and canola oil are a top option for boosting testosterone levels naturally.

5) Cut down on your intake of soy.
When you eat soy protein, you are upping your body’s level of estrogen (the female hormone); this has a negative effect on testosterone levels.

6) Stay away from too much alcohol.
It’s important to limit your intake of alcohol because it has been proven to have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

7) Cruciferous vegetables are your friends. 
Radishes, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts all reduce your estrogen levels, making it possible to increase your testosterone.

8) Bump the stress down a notch. 
Excess of stress causes the body to release a highly catabolic hormone known as cortisol, which makes your testosterone levels hit rock bottom.

9) Have more sex. 
Boosting oxytocin and endorphins, those “feel-good” chemicals, all work to raise testosterone levels, and sexual stimulation is a great way to achieve this.

10) Make sure that you’re getting your required sleep. 
You will lower your testosterone levels if you don’t get enough sleep because not sleeping encourages cortisol production.

You will be looking at a huge increase in your ability to grow more muscle if you follow these tips consistently. 

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