Grow Muscle Faster By Getting A Proper Sleep

Although it may not seem like a big deal, the truth is that you will grow muscle faster if you give your body the rest it needs each night.

It’s important to realize that if you want to see the maximum muscle gains in the shortest time, you have to get to get proper sleep every night.

Why does sleep make a big difference in whether or not you grow muscle faster?
Well, let’s check out how your body reacts when it doesn’t get enough sleep...

1) You will experience a decrease in mental focus.
When you experience sleep deprivation, your mental state is affected. Even a single night of insufficient sleep can adversely affect your mental focus and your ability to perform complex tasks.
When you want to grow muscle faster, you have to give 100% at the gym every time, and this is why ensuring that you are mentally focused is so important.

2) Your physical performance will be degraded.
Sleep deprivation hurts both your mental state and physical performance. If you are not adequately rested, your strength levels go down, and you are less likely to grow muscle faster because you will not be able to maximize your reps or weights.

You will only grow muscle faster if you focus on steadily increasing the poundage you lift in all of your exercises, and this can only be done when you have the strength to do it.

3) Your muscles will not fully recover.
As everyone knows, muscles don’t grow while you are IN the gym. Your muscles get big while you rest, sleep, and eat, OUT of the gym.

When you’re asleep in your bed, your body is working hard to repair and restore damaged muscle tissue. Not only do your muscles require recovery time, but your central nervous system, joints and immune system need rest too.

4) There are negative changes in hormone levels.
When you don’t get enough rest, your body cannot produce the necessary amounts of muscle building and fat burning hormones that you need to achieve your goals. I’m referring to the biggies such as testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol and insulin.

In effect, if you are sleep deprived, you’re hurting all of those hormones….
a) Cortisol: This catabolic stress hormone stimulates the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy and helps the body store fat in the abdomen. Studies have proven that your body maximizes cortisol production when it doesn’t get enough sleep.
b) Testosterone: The granddaddy of muscle building hormones. If you increase your levels of testosterone, you can build more muscle. Testosterone levels decrease when you are sleep deprived.
c) Growth Hormone: This hormone helps to regenerate your body as well as aids in building and maintaining muscle. When you’re asleep, your body maximizes its growth hormone levels. If you cut into your sleep, you reduce this hormonal surge.
d)Insulin: This is a key hormone that helps your body’s cells get important nutrients. Without enough sleep, your body experiences an increase in insulin resistance levels. So your body will release excess insulin to compensate. Consequently, you can experience excess storage of fat, diabetes, or even heart disease.
Given the above, exactly how much sleep do you think you need to grow muscle faster?

Of course it varies from individual to individual. Roughly, you should try to get a minimum of at least 8 hours of sleep at night. If you feel the need to sleep for 9 hours or more, get it.
Your goal should to sleep enough so that you’re at your best in the morning. If you find that you typically feel tired and sluggish, you really need to get more sleep.

Getting enough sleep will help you to build strength and grow muscle faster because it will:.
- Help you to remain mentally focused and energetic.
- Build your strength.
- Help you to recover properly in between workouts.
- Ensure ample recovery in between workouts.
- Up your testosterone levels.
- Up your growth hormones.
- Reduce resistance to insulin.
All this should help motivate you to get more sleep. Sweet dreams!

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