Tips For Weight Training: How To Stay Injury Free

The truth is that if you want to become really huge, you have to train big. You won’t get results by going to gym and not even breaking a sweat. Overload your muscles with heavy weights and high intensity if you are in the market for serious results. Undoubtedly, this is the best way to stimulate muscular growth. Since muscles grow due to a natural adaptive survival response, you have to give them a good reason to grow or they won’t. 

Even though hard and heavy training might be good for your muscles, remember that it can spell trouble for the health of your connective tissue and joints.

Even though your odds are high that you could get injured during intense weight training, you can certainly take specific steps to lessen the chance.

An injury is the worst case scenario, as it will stop you dead in your muscle-building tracks.

Below, I’ve outlined my 5 golden tips for weight training; these will help reduce your odds of injury.

If you can honestly say you follow these 5 tips for weight training, you will lower your odds of injury substantially.

1) Commit to a thorough warm-up.
One of the most essential tips for weight training, taking time for a proper warm-up is the single best thing you can do to minimize your risk of injury.

Since this 15–20 minute process increases blood flow into the surrounding connective tissue and lubricates your joints, your mind and body will be prepared for the hard work to come.

Do 5 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise before each workout, and then 4–5 warm-up sets for the first major exercise of the routine.

2) Proper form is essential.
As tips for weight training go, this one is pretty high on the list.

Whenever you perform an exercise at the gym, it should be done with proper form and technique to keep the stress off your joints.

Once you begin squatting or deadlifting with a rounded back, getting crazy with the weights, or performing dangerous exercises, you are begging to get hurt.

3) You have to train within your limits.
This is one of those tips for weight training you really need to follow.

Since weightlifting is a personal battle, you will not achieve anything by allowing your ego to take over.

For your training program, the dude next to you and how much he benches is irrelevant.

When you start adding on plates to impress everyone around you, you’ll be stretching your limits, sacrificing proper form, and putting yourself in a very vulnerable position.

4) Know when to quit.
This is one of those tips for weight training that every lifter really needs to keep in mind.

When you are incapable of doing another rep using proper form, the set is over, plain and simple.

Lay down the weight and gear up for your next set.

Using jerky movements and lots of momentum to perform some extra reps is a surefire recipe for disaster.

5) You need to listen to your aches and pains.
One of the top tips for weight training, this will make certain you don’t spend your workout ignoring something serious.

I get it! When you’re bulldozing along through a weight training program and are constantly progressing on a weekly basis, the idea of quitting just seems impossible.

On occasion, this drive might encourage us to pretend as if these obvious injuries aren’t really there.

Most of the time, it only makes things worse.

When you get to the point where you have a feeling that something’s not right, go get the problem checked out and take the time to allow it to get better.

Even though your immediate progress will be affected, the long-term effect will put you major strides ahead.

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