The Best Bodybuilding Exercise: Deadlifts

Do you want to pack on some serious muscle mass? Do you want to build a rock-solid physique and have everyone look at you with respect? Nice. Well, hang on, because you’re about to learn the best bodybuilding exercise there is to get a powerful body that will turn heads.

It has nothing to do with the barbell curl or bench press.
Chrome machines or cables are not on the agenda.
You don’t need fancy gym gadgets or a Swiss ball.

For the best bodybuilding exercise of your life, you just need to get a good old-fashioned barbell and a flat area. Put as much weight as you can handle onto the bar, keep your back straight, and pick it up off the ground.

So easy, huh?

That’s why the deadlift is the undisputed leader of all upper body exercises.

The deadlift is the best bodybuilding exercise around because it enables you to put as much lean muscle mass onto your body as you can in the shortest period of time.

Good news, right?

Unfortunately, deadlifts are also the most painful and uncomfortable exercises you will ever have to face.

When you do a deadlift properly, you might find yourself feeling a temporary hate for the gym; after all, they leave you lightheaded, nauseous, and desperate for air. As long as you want results, you’re going to have to stick with it because it’s the best bodybuilding exercise you can do.

The deadlift is considered the best bodybuilding exercise around because it works each and every part of your body. Every muscle in your body is going to experience some degree of stimulation with this basic power moment. Once you start deadlifting on a consistent basis you’ll see gains almost everywhere, but at first, you will see them in your back (lower and upper) and thighs.

Since the basic lift is high intensity in nature, it’s the best bodybuilding exercise for getting your body to secrete powerful anabolic substances like testosterone and growth hormone at a rapid rate. This “spill over effect” results in new, total body size and strength gains.

For example, after spending a few weeks working on heavy deadlifting exercises, it won’t be unusual for you to note that your other lifts, like the bench press and barbell row for example, will suddenly increase.

The deadlift has several different variations, but I am going to focus on the basic, bent-legged version. Learn the right way to do it...

When you grab the bar, your hands should be just outside your legs, and your feet, of course, should be shoulder-width apart. When you hold the bar, ensure that one palm faces in and the other palm faces out, or use a simple overhand grip. Opt for the grip that you’re comfortable with.

The movement should begin from a position in which you’re squatting with the bar close to your shins. When you lift the weight off of the ground, push upward with the force of your legs and keep your back flat, abs tight, and head looking up. You want to find yourself in a standing position after pulling the weight up. Lower the weight back down, using the same path you used to lift it.

Take a moment to set the plates on the ground, regroup, and take a deep breath, before you pull the weight back up. You should continue this movement until your form starts to slip or your legs reach muscular failure.

Remember to pay attention to your form when doing this exercise. The large amount of weight that you are handling increases your odds of injury. The most important thing is to make certain your back is kept flat at all times and that the weight is close to your body. Be sure to tighten your abs to minimize the stress on your lower back.

Be sure to practice this lift with light weights so that you master the form; then you can move onto heavy weights. You can use lifting straps when you do deadlifts, as this will help prevent the grip giving out before the rest of your body does.

Deadlifts should be performed once a week for 1 to 2 all-out sets.

Trying to pin down the reps per set?

Deadlifts are the best bodybuilding exercise and so they’ll work no matter what rep range you decide to incorporate into your workout. Try for 5 to 7, but there are builders who go as high as 20. Tailor your approach to your needs.

Pay attention to deadlifts because they will be responsible for the biggest gains of your life.

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