How To Build Muscle And Gain Weight Fast

Arguments about the best methods to build muscle and gain weight fast will never come to an end. 

The endless arguments over how an effective bodybuilding program should be structured in order to build muscle and gain weight fast will most likely continue until the end of time. Just scour the Internet message boards, flip through any muscle magazine or talk to the sales rep at your local supplement store. When it comes down to it, no matter who you chat with or talk about it with, everyone seems to think they’ve got the skinny on how to build muscle and gain weight fast.

Since everyone thinks they know everything, who should a beginner listen to? If you are faced with questions and doubts and get no clear-cut answer, what can you do?

How often should I train every week? How many sets should be performed for each muscle group? Is there an optimum rep range? Which exercises should I be performing for the best results? What length of time should I invest into each workout?

There are answers to all these questions, as long as you spend some time in trying to find them. But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

There’s so much debate and confusion that most lifters totally miss the big picture. Let’s forget about all of the precise details like rep ranges and the best exercises and talk about the most important underlying principle behind any effective muscle gain program.

It is next to impossible to build up impressive muscle mass if you don’t pay attention to this critical principle.

Bottom line: muscle growth occurs as a natural response to stress. “Micro-tears” are created within your muscle tissue when you pump iron. The body will perceive these tears as a threat and will start working to rebuild up your muscle fibers larger and stronger so that you’re prepared for the next “attack”.

So, in order to build muscle and gain weight fast, you’re going to have to work on progression throughout the weeks, either by lifting more weight or performing additional reps. This way, the muscles will have no choice but to continue getting larger and stronger as a response to the increasing stress.

If you want to get BIG, you must get STRONG!

So, what is the most important tool for building muscle?

All you need is a pen and some paper!

Yes, the details of how to build muscle and gain weight fast do matter, but the ultimate goal of progression transcends them all and will ultimately decide whether you succeed or fail.

Don’t waste time obsessing on all of the different principles of how to build muscle and gain weight fast; place your focus on building strength and you can be certain that you’ll be adding size as well.

Look closely at how you train. It is critical that you be diligent about recording the amount of weight you lift and the reps you perform and then do everything you can to increase it the following week. Fail to do this and you are simply wasting time.

A pen and some paper are the most important tools when you want to build muscle and gain weight fast.

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